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Static Parking Posts

Our static parking posts and bollards are designed to suit all needs in any environment. We can supply chain looped bollards for home, work or commercial use. Our posts are design for sturdy effective protection against vehicle theft or to control unwanted access.


Automatic Parking Bollards

Our range of parking bollards are of the highest quality and also at affordable prices. These bollards are designed for all needs including driveways, entrances and parking controlled areas. These bollards are designed for the highest level of security.


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Parking Bollards

Our Parking bollards are ideal in an area where security is of upmost importance, we supply a variety of high security bollards to a range of councils.

We supply a range of parking bollards and posts. Ranging from automatic bollards to static and fold down parking posts. We supply a range of diameters to suit all needs from high security anti ram raid posts. We have 48mm diameter posts designed to separate pedestrians and vehicles with designs to suit all environments with an in keeping look.

Automatic Parking Bollards

Our automatic parking bollards are designed to be used all day unlike most automatic bollards they are extremely reliable. The luxor bollard is the ideal answer to the requirements of heavy duty private use and public applications: business centers, supermarket chains, car dealerships, and historical centers where aesthetics are as important as public safety. The movement of the Luxor pneumatic bollard is signaled by a double device consisting of light and sound, to prevent any inadvertent impacts by pedestrians and cyclists.

Static Bollards

Our static bollard range has a wide variety of bollards from 158mm to 48mm diameter. This covers a wide range of needs from high security areas that require a heavy duty bollard to areas that need bollards to separate pedestrians and vehicles. Static bollards have the option of having the static bollards in a spigot mount ( sunk into the ground) and bold down ( plate mounted ). We can have the bollards sprayed to any RAL colour you desire. We can also supply reflective tape for visibility.

Parking Posts

We can supply fold fown, telescopic or removable parking posts in a variety of shapes and sizes. Heavy duty telescopic parking posts are also available designed for driveways and car park entrances and for further high security we can supply anti ram raid telescopic posts that will not give way to cars at a reasonable speed.

Vehicle Access Control

Our Speed Humps are 50mm high and are designed to slow cars down to 10mph. We can supply 1m upto 8m, end fixings and hi-vis strips are included. We also supply flow plates designed for pay and display car parks to stop vehicles exiting through the entrance. Flow plates are sold separately and come in two different specifications, car only flow plates and HGV flow plates. The hgv flow plates will stop lorries and cars

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